Honeybush, one of CNY's premier 6 pc. dance and party bands. With over 23 years of experience, the band is dedicated to providing your event with the very best in live entertainment. With a repertoire spanning the past 50 years they are sure to provide something for everyone. So whether it be a Country Fair - Night Club - Corporate Function - Wedding Reception or Theater Show, Make your event more than an ordinary event, Make it an experience.

Ed Gahan:
Guitar & Vocals

"Captain Honeybush" is the founder of the band, and has spent many thousands of miles with the HBB touring the east coast. Ed is also the reason for the quality of the band's sound, lights, and staging. The entire band agrees: It simply wouldn't be possible without The Captain.

Steve Carney:
Keyboards & Vocals

Starting back in the mid 60's with 'The Imperials', Steve's been rocking for nearly 5 decades. His classic Hammond B-3 style sound and syncopated rhythms along with his dynamic vocals are an exciting part of the local music scene. As a past choir director, vocal harmony teamwork and integrity are as important to him as the instruments. He's currently enjoying being a part of the very vocal HoneyBush group.


Sam Sapanaro:
Guitar & Vocals

Playing and thanking his uncle Sam since the age of 10. Sam played with bands in the area such as Willie & The New Yorkers, Blue Steel, Chill Factor and Random Act. Sam was offered recording contracts for a few of his original songs from Tim Bogert of Beck, Bogert & Appice.

Karen J. Murphy:
Lead Vocals & Guitar

Debut was in 1988 after forming VAMP. A brief run with BACKFLASH then on to ALIBI (playing venues in the area throughout the 90ís), led Karen to fronting CHILL FACTOR with current band mate Sam. Karenís last project THE WATCH, delivered covers from Pat Benetar, Journey, and Melissa Etheridge. Now on board with HONEYBUSH covering these artists and many more as well.